DIY : Sew a Poncho

I needed some distraction from sorting all the stuffs in the storage room and made a poncho. I’ve seen some made from scarfs and it seems like a quick and easy pattern-less project. This is also good for using up those left-over “L” shaped fabrics after you’ve made a top.

All you have to do is cut out two rectangles , do a double fold all over the edges and top stitch over them. Then overlap the long ends , top stitch leaving a hole in the middle. Lace up the sides and you have a poncho ! Quick and easy, isn’t it ?


This is the front …


I like the sides and the back more than the front, actually… I might wear this biking. It should be very breezy.


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18 thoughts on “DIY : Sew a Poncho

  1. Love it! Great idea. Do you recall the length of your rectangles? Probably doesn’t matter too much, so long as it’s long enough. Going to give this a try. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I want a tutorial with pictures… and steps…. and for someone to hold my hand while I make this….this is sooo darn cute! And I want this fabric. You are good! :) TFS

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